Thursday, June 08, 2006

Life with out bear bear.

Did you have an animal or a blankie when you were a kid? I had a pooh bear that to this day looks like it should be 100 years old. Bud has a bear that in reality is a small teddy bear head sewn on to a blanket. It is not very big, but it is his. It has been to more places than I care to mention. Well bear bear (yes, he does go by a double name) was left as pre-school and the world came to an abrupt halt. No other animal in the kingdom of his room would do. Not mickey, popsicle, funky ugly green monkey, or teddy. So it made me really sad to hear him cry himself to sleep. I do not believe that I had an attachment like that when I was a kid. Who knows.....anyways, he was what appeared to me to be depressed about this. I felt horrible. When I went to pick up bear bear at preschool yesterday morning I knew that I would not get home from work until after he went to bed. He woke up kind of groggy this morning and did not have any motivation. I did put bear bear in his bed when I came home, but still I think that he was sad. Life is better after a few minutes bear bear time, but I think we need to work on the separation issues with him and bear bear. The older he gets the worse this becomes. This was not the first instance of leaving him behind. I just think it was the worst.

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