Monday, June 26, 2006

Honey, I'm home.
Did you miss me?

I feel so out of the loop. I have not been in contact with the world in a whole week. I have been getting up before the sun and getting in the door just as it was going down. I really could use a vacation to re-coup from my vacation. In all honesty all of the time I have given to the LPGA is to benefit the disabled children of Camp Haccamo. Such a worth while cause that I will not complain anymore.
It was a beautiful week. The sun was shining and I have mass amounts of sunburn. I put on the sunscreen, but it did not ward off the sun from my exposed limbs.
My mother in law (who watched Bud) is a great person, but.....she spends way too much money on my son! She was the baby sitter for the week and everyday she went shopping with Bud and everyday she bought him mass amounts of something. Here is the list in no paticular order. Cars cereal, apple cereal bars, trix yogurt, squirt gun (6-pack), large squirt gun, Power Panger sneakers, 2 Happy meals, lunch at target, lacrosse sticks, superman movie, they went to see the movie Cars, football pasta, and that is what I know about. She does give him things that we do not know about, and we find some other time. Now Let me remind you that we are not poor people, we do have food in our house for everyone, and she chooses not to eat it. I know that it is food she likes, but she likes to go out. We do leave her money to do things so we are not ungreatful thugs, but Jeesh. She spolied the heck out of him. She on the other hand does not have all that much money to shop. I am not complaining, Bud and grandma had a great 5 days and we told her after the first day that she was grounded from spending money on Bud. Do you think she listened? No way. So what is a mommyrox to do?
We say thank you and Bud will do something special for her. What, it is we do not know.
.....and how was your week?

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La Dolce Vita said...

we too have experienced this phenomena, it's a grandma thing....we usually get it in some of the various forms of available sugar product or "miss donald's" (as Cooper calls it).

what can ya do? wait for them to have kids for your revenge. >:)