Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Don't go breakin' my..don't go breakin' my ...don't go breakin' my heart.

Do you remember that song.? I think it was really big in the 70's or early 80's. Elton John sang it with some other artist that I can not recall. Well imaging my surprise when Bud is singing this in the back seat as we are driving to school. I was amused and actually pleased that he had the correct tone and tempo, as I am completely tone deaf and can't carry a tune even if it were in a bucket with handles. Another one in his repetoire is the lime in the coconut song. I really do like to listen to him sing, and tell made up stories. Last night I was not feeling so great and usually I tell Bud a story where he makes up the names and we ad-lib it. Well he really wanted a story and my head was pounding. I said that I really could not tell him the story. He said Ok I will tell you a story. I loved it. He talked about a girl who liked to play hockey and had many friends that played with her in the neighborhood. It was so neat to listen to his little voice carry on and come up with the story. Start to finish. I suppose this is an instance of take in as many of these days as possible before they are gone.

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