Thursday, July 20, 2006

Freaky things happening

Yesterday I had a post all ready to go and for some reason it got lost in internet oblivion. I know.... save draft then post, but I did not. So here is what has been happening.
I went to a spiritual advisor with my mother Tuesday night. I was not planning on going, but her friend backed out last minute and she really needed someone to go. I had Bud so he of course had to come. Daddy was at volleyball. Anyways, said advisor, who is a big believer in devine intervention, is 80 years old and has red hair that is really beautiful. I can not explain how beautiful it is, so you will just have to trust me. Ok we knock on the door and walk in. Bud being ever so bold walks in loudly saying hello.... hello where are you? She is in her kitchen and since she has polio she is in a wheel chair and Bud can not see her in the kitchen. He waits and she rolls out and says "You are the hockey player I dreamed about last night" My jaw drops to the floor since she has never met him. Has no idea that he plays hockey. With out missing a beat Bud says "I am not on the team yet, when I am 5 I will be on the team". So we small talk a bit and I get Bud set up with his DVD player and we go to the adjoining room and sit. Without getting in to details we (mom, advisor, and me) talk about life, jobs, and spouses. She has told me some things I am not sure that I wanted to know, but I am glad I do. Does that sound strange? My son will go to college, He will have children. My work environment will change dramatically, and I was told to stay put. Most of the visit was about my mom, which is ok with me. I won't go in to her details. I will leave it at my genuine satisfaction.
My new boss starts on 8/21. I am excited. Looking forward to the change.
Until then I will do as I wish you to.....
enjoy life

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