Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Lightning to truly rock your world!

As I was driving home from my Rotary meeting last night there was this most amazing thunder storm with massive lightning. Seriously folks, this was no run of the mill storm. This was the kind that made me pray in my car that a lightning strike would not hit a tree and the tree lands on my car killing me. The rain was bad and the thunder was the worst I've ever heard and it lasted for hours. Really, like 2.5 hours. When I got home I felt like I was living the apocalypse. If you looked out my back window of my home you could see sun shining through the clouds just over the trees, but if you looked out the front it was so pitch black that you could not see the trees hovering over the houses. Only with the many strobes of lightening could you see the outline of trees for a brief second. It was like that for a long time before the real darkness set in. I am still amazed by it.
Well after my extreme white knuckle driving I ran in to the house and went in to Bud's room and gave him a big hug and a kiss. Truly thankful that I was home. I am not a freak about that sort of thing, but really that was the most bizzaro driving I have ever done.

FYI I have a really sucky lunch today. Being the adult that I claim to be I do make my own lunches, but todays really sucks!

enjoy life!

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