Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Much ado about cat poo!

On Monday as Bud and I were leaving for pre-k, I opened the door to the great beautiful sun. As I step down to walk to my car really enjoying the sunshine a over whelming amount of flies are in my way. Before I even had a chance to swat at them to get them out of my personal space I get a HUGE wiff of poo. Bud is complete oblivious I mean after all he is going to school. He loves school. His teachers are really nice there. He just graduated to the pre-k room. Ok so back to the poo. I see right on top of my violet bed that there is a pile of kitty crap. Now I am a kitty owner and Miss Kitty stays indoors all of the time. She likes it that way and quite frankly so do I. Well I can only assume that it is the neighbors cats. One a very sweet (looking) tiger cat. I have never come face to face with the cat and therefore do not know the temperament, however s/he must be pretty good since I have noticed that s/he trollops the neighborhood with the other cat that looks just like my Miss Kitty, pure white with all pink accents and a heck of a lot smaller.
So here I am standing, looking at poo. My blood pressure is boiling and now I see why my violets keep getting dug up. All this time I thought that is was Bud playing in the dirt. Now I never yelled at him for this, but you can bet your bippy I will freak out on the cats. I was so irritated and being in my work clothes I did nothing but sulk to my car.
Upon my return home from work as I turn down the street my blood is starting to boil. The weather is pretty sucky so I run in the house and see the hubs and ask him if he saw what I saw in the morning. He says "yes, I threw it back in the neighbors yard" My thought is woo hoo way to go hubs! So I am trying to decide the best way to keep this from happening since my grammie always had this problem and she put moth balls down. I am like umm no. I do not want to accidentally poison my son. So I start searching the web to see what my options were. One said shoot the cat. Not a bas idea, but not a great one either. Another said spicy red pepper, or buy scat. I do not want to spend $10 bucks to keep shitty kitty out of my flowers, so I am still looking.
It has been raining so much lately that I have not had a chance to remove the rest of the poo that has been there for what appears to be days or even weeks. How I did not notice is beyond me. Must be the burying thing that they do (or doo and the case may be). With all of the recent rain the dirt that we placed in the flower box is settling and I am seeing so much more fecal matter.
The force is with me and I will be the winner. I just need to figure out how. Ideas welcome!

enjoy life

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