Monday, July 03, 2006

This Monday to some should be a holiday.

OK Here is the deal. Today is a scheduled work day for my office. One guy is so disgruntled that he came to work in a pair of Bermuda shorts and flip flops. That went with his Hawaiian shirt. It is so funny to see this since it is not normal attire for the office. There are only 7 people in the office out of 35. One being our CEO. Everyone else took vacation or called in sick from their pool. I decided to work today and not take one of the three floating holidays that our company offers for such instances like this. The rest are miserable, thinking that in the back of their mind that the office would close early. Not happening. Never has. Never will. I am not sure what planet they are on, but they have been with this company long enough that if it is a scheduled work day you work. All I want to say is don't be haten'. It's not my fault. I am getting a lot of work done. I am liking it. I will not be liking it if it is rainy tomorrow for the 4th, but that is the way the cookie crumbles.

Since I will not be writing on the 4th here is my entry.

God Bless America. Land that I love.
I love the fact that I can get in my car and drive where ever I choose. I can go to the store, I can go to the water park, I can go to my congressmans office and protest if I so choose. That is my right as an American. I do not care if you are Native-American, Polish-American or Latin-American. The common tie is American. If you are here legally you have that right and I am here legally and I have that right. I am thankful for that right. I am thankful that my grandfather fought to bring and maintain freedoms for this country and for other countries.

I love America and what old glory stands for. if you do not know what old glory is go back to school and learn some American History. A few may know that I love History and more specifically American History. I am not talking about anything in the past 30 years I am talking about Washington, Lincoln, Madison, Monroe, and Grant and Taft. The Louisiana Purchase and Betsy Ross. The man on the Moon and the Depression. These make America what it is and I am proud to be an American.

That said, Happy 4th of July and take a moment to thank those who sacrificed for our freedoms. Even if you do not agree with the leadership behind it, they are making a sacrifice so that we can be free.

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