Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Not one, but two hat tricks! Go Buffalo!

Now I have never been a fan of the Buffalo Sabres. I know.... I know..... how is that possible when I love the Amerks. I'll tell you. It's the coaching. I like the Amerks organization, and the coaching staff. I do not like the Buffalo coaches. I think that L. Ruff is a bozo. I am proud of the accomplishments of the former Amerks that have risen to the challenge of the NHL. J. Pomminville, Ryan Miller, Paul Gaustead, JP Dummont and Derek Roy. Now no one likes to be in the lower ranks of the AHL, but these guys are where they are because of their skill and their ability to be coached. My hats off to Cunnyworth and Houda who have assisted these guys.
Pomminville & Dummont each got a hat trick last night and the game was good to watch (unless you were a Flyers fan) Sorry Mistah RT. That 10 smackers will be a nice addition to my wallet. Unless Buffalo tanks. Let's hope not.

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