Thursday, April 06, 2006

School Picture Day

The craziness that happens at school with.... get this.... the parents when children have to get their pictures taken at school. All of the girls are there in pretty dresses and the parents are instructing them (they're 3-4) how to straighten the dress for the picture, the parents of the boys just ask that they tuck in their shirt and don't get dirty. I said just smile. After all you are not going to see the dress you are getting a head shot. I mean really parents get the kids all dressed up in these nice outfits from head to toe, tell them to stay clean and you only get a head shot. Oh the madness! Is this the kind of stress that kids freak out on and say my parents made me this way?
I did notice that the picture packages are meant for rocket scientists to understand. You can get packages 1-17 that is all different size pictures, you can get random single pictures or just a class picture. Now a select few packages have this thing called premiere touch. That is if your child is frowning they can make him/her smile, if hair is out of place they smooth it. OK that is creepy. Who's smile are you going to put on my kid? I opted to pass on premiere touch, but I wanted the "keepsake 8x10" and you can not get that if you don't want the premiere touch. Are you still with me here. It is very confusing. I had to do a special add on for the 8x10 picture. I am still confused I just hope I have the right pictures. All I know is that in my world he is as cute as can be and I really do not need a picture to tell me.

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