Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Ok I am all better......well sort of.

It is a beautiful day out and I am so excited that my flowers have started to bloom. I have completed my eggs for Bud to do the Easter egg hunt on Sunday, and I am working on becoming more organized. Side note Target's generic version of ritz bits are....well..... not too good. I took Bud to get his new hockey helmet on Sat. and he loves it. He wears it all day, it is just so cute. My friend La Dolce Vita has a couple of really cute ones. I just want to pinch their cheeks they are so cute. Not too much going on in the happy front.

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La Dolce Vita said...

Oh Mommyrox. I am sorry that everyone thinks this is so amusing.It seems to me that the one person who really should be feeling the worse about the whole thing is your SIL, but of course we know that isn't going to happen, since she doesn't care. So, she wins, you don't go to the party, you (and James and Dale) miss Easter w/your parents and brother and niece AND miss your nieces' birthday party. The good news is that this can't happen every year since Easter is different every year. The bad news is that your holiday is messed up. And that you are going to have to figure out a way to deal your SILs disruptive behavior that doesn't come at everyone else's expense. I guess you've made your point for this year. I'm just sad that you are missing out and she is not. Can't you guys do something a little different, maybe go OUT to dinner on the Saturday before and AFTER the birthday party. It would be different from the strict tradition of what you've aways done, but you'd be together...I don't know. Unfortunately, as families expand and in-laws multiply things like this are always going to happen. You can always come to Easter w/us, we hoof it to 3 different house.......some tradition!

xo LDV