Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Do you make choices that will hurt others?

Think about that. I don't mean physically, but emotionally. I am relating to an earlier post that has been brewing in my brain waiting for the right time to blow like a volcano. I try to keep my emotions in check and to keep from loosing my temper, but I lost it last night in the car while talking on the phone with my brothers wife.

You may recall a previous post about my brothers wife looking at planning a party for my niece on the Saturday before Easter. Her actual birthday is April 11. The day that my side of the family celebrates Easter. You see we went to visit with my grandmother and her brother and on the way home I called my brothers wife to tell her that I noticed that she left her diaper bag there and that we are bringing it home for her. She could have said thanks, but she said well it had nothing in it and it was not a big deal. Well, you're welcome Miss Manners. Anyways she then proceeds to tell me that she has firmed up her date for the nieces birthday and it is on Easter Saturday. I said that is when we celebrate Easter. She indicated that she got the ok from both of my parents weeks ago. The fact that you had the Balls to ask them to change Easter pisses me off. Excuse me for a minute here. WHAT THE FUCK! Now, there are more than just my parents involved here, and they would never say no to a party for their grandchild. They adore all of their grandchildren. Brothers wife said that it was more convenient for her to have it then so that all of her family could be there. I said that I would not be attending since that is when I celebrate Easter with my family and I hope that they have a good time. Sorry Easter is not a dinner of Pizza and Wings in my book. I am not overtly religious, but I draw the line there. After all she is having Easter with HER parents on Easter Sunday.

So after I get home roughly 10pm there is a message on the phone from my dad. He was not calling my cell for reasons unknown, so I call him. He says that Easter in his house can be changed to either the Thursday night before Easter or the Saturday after. I said that over thirty years of tradition are not something to just push aside and that I am having Easter at my house if they were not going to have it. We did not meet eye to eye and that is how it is left. Aside of the fact that my brother has nothing to say (apparently his balls were handed to his wife on their wedding day), and my parents will easily make choices that shatter the family values that I thought I was brought up with over tradition. Our family was built on values or so I thought. Think about that. The things that we look forward to are events with close family and friends that do not occur daily. It is now up to me to bring my son up on the values that I thought I had. I am now going to carry on my family tradition that my parents have tossed aside and open that up to my friends that are like family and if you are reading this that means you. If you are interested. Please feel free to come to my house with your children and enjoy a beef tenderloin dinner at 5:00 in celebration of Easter and family values. (Just let me know that you are coming so that there is enough to eat). After anger and hurt what are the next emotions??? I am bracing myself. :-(

side note: Our 4 year old won our office pool for NCAA Basketball. He was so excited that he said he wants to buy a new hockey helmet. Go Figure!

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La Dolce Vita said...

so sad my friend...that sil of yours, always causing a ruckus. you'll also miss celebrating the holiday with you parents as well as your niece's birthday. perhaps you could do your saturday easter and get together with your parents at an alternate time.