Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I have nothing to say today.
Can you believe it?
Nothing exciting happened yesterday and there is no funky day to celebrate.
I can tell you about Easter. It was quite lovely! We had beef tenderloin, twice baked potatoes, a cool-whip salad, rolls, and gravy. You will notice I forgot a vegetable. We all got over it though. I just forgot to take the peas out of the freezer and nuke them..... my bad! All considered it was really good if I must say so myself. [pat on the back]
Bud had a really great time at the Easter egg hunt at his great-grandma's house. Man that kid loves to run. He smiles where ever he is running to which I think is the cutest thing. One of these days a bug is going to fly in and that will be the end of that hee hee hee.
Happy Tuesday!

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