Monday, April 24, 2006

What was funny about my weekend........

Random things that happened that were funny. By Bud.

When asking for breakfast says "can I have oap-pa-meal" (oatmeal)
When asking for cartoons "can I watch real cartoons" as opposed to what... fake ones????
No mommy I do not want lunch now, in a few minutes I'll be hungry.....(after 3 seconds) Ok I'm hungry now.
I'm 4.... when I am 5 I can do big kid things....but I am a big kid so I can do them, but not till I am 5. (He lost me on that one)
We were cleaning out the "baby clothes" from his dresser and he realized that some of his hockey shirts do not fit anymore. He says When I get smaller I can fit them. I said Bud you are not getting smaller you are getting bigger. Well you are getting smaller I some up to here (pointing to my waist) on you now. Ummm yeah that's it. Not going to explain that one. old are you. I said how old do you think I am? He says old. I said that is right! then I thought about that statement and I am not so sure I like it.

To top off my weekend I had left my car window open on Friday night and my husband noticed it when he came home from work on Saturday evening. So that left an entire 24 hours of on and off hard rain in my car. My butt is soaked today at work and I can not get the damp feeling out of my system. I thought for sure it would be dry today, but NOOOOO! It is still soaked. I did not think that it would be that wet, but I did not notice till after I dropped Bud off at school, and have the wet spot on my hind end! Sometimes I am an idiot.
Hope your day is going better.

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