Friday, April 14, 2006

You learn something new everyday

I guess that is what is supposed to make one stronger or wiser or both. Anyways today I learned about fantasy baseball. I work in a 4 way cube with 2 guys. They were talking baseball and how much they like the sport. I was lost in the conversation, kind of like person c joining an a & b conversation, only being included. Well, at the end of it all I asked if one of them could explain fantasy baseball to me and we got in to discussions on the complexities of picking teams and such. I learned a lot. Then the statement came."you mean to tell me that the conversation we just had you had no idea what we were talking about?" my reply "umm yup". I guess I am good at looking like I understand something when I really don't. So now I can participate in the conversations somewhat intelligently! Very nice. I work next to a couple of nice guys who are manly men. They don't iron their shirts, but they were clean clothes. They hold intelligent conversations and have a mans attitude of whatever (unless it's sports). So maybe to the delight of my husband the next time he turns on the ball game I may pay attention just a bit to learn what the players do and what an ERA is (apparently it's not the detergent), and what an RBI is (not the Rochester Business Institute). There still is a lot to learn, but I will take it in stride.

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