Thursday, April 13, 2006

I am such a nut!
I can not believe that I forgot the goodie bags for Bud's classmates. I was supposed to bring it today and I forgot. I will have to bring it tomorrow! Jeesh! There is nothing like walking into the class room and seeing some of the kids that will not be in school tomorrow bring in goodie bags for the other kids. I, the brilliant person that I am, forgot to bring ours in. So now I have to make an extra trip to the school tomorrow and drop the bags off on my way to work. Sometimes I wonder where my head is. The flip side is the living quarters of my home is all dusted, and cleaned up for out company. That just made my home sound big didn't it? Well it isn't. It is regular size. My hubs & I were all busy last night getting it done (the cleaning that is....). What a good feeling. My in laws are going to be at the house for dinner, and a good friend Miss B will be there too. I am looking forward to it. I really like my in-laws, the hubs dad and step-mom. They are nice people to be around. I personally do not spend a lot of time with them, but the hubs goes to his dads every once in a while to visit. Really the only time we spend together is when they come over for a birthday or Christmas. It will be nice to have them.
So tonight I will be stuffing Easter bags with HUGE amounts of GUILT and then be over it. Not that any kid needs more candy it is like Halloween in the spring.

sidenote: that pesky weatherman said cloudy today and not too warm. Well it is not cloudy and it is warm. JOY.

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