Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I have yet to figure out what is so damn funny!

Apparently my frustration is funny, and it is funny to more than one person. The hubs thinks that it is funny that I have not spoken to my parents in a week. We (my mom and I) usually talk once a day or every other day. We have not spoken since April 3. I was in the presence of my dad on Sunday and we sat next to each other for three hours and did not speak a word. I am just like my father. Then I see him at a meeting yesterday and he asks me if we are coming to dinner on Thursday. I said no. I have to work on Thursday and on Friday so staying out late is not an option for me. It works for one person and one person only... the brothers wife. Since my brother is a CPA and this is tax week for him it does not work for him either, but he has no back bone and will not say a word against his wife. Again who cares about the rest of the family. Anyways.... my dad then says that he is picking up Bud on the regular Tuesday night and that he is going out to dinner with my niece for her birthday. Now, wait a freakin' (insert your own bad word there) second here isn't she having a party on Saturday???? I will not even get in to their statement we" do the same for all of the kids" since that clearly is not the case here. I can not recall them ever taking James out special for his birthday. So flaunt that in my face why don't you. So hubs said to me last night have you talked to your dad yet? I said no we just set time for Bud to get picked up and established that we will not be at their dinner (a whole 8 second conversation). He laughs. I asked what is so funny. He just says you are. I am not trying to be. Well, my mother calls me at work today and says are you coming over on Thursday? I said that I already had that conversation with dad and that we are not going to be there. She said your father is picking up Bud tonight. I said I know. She laughs (the rude snickering way) and said ok bye.

I have enough shit going on right now. My head is hurting all the time since the mini-stroke, and I am stressing out on this family not having Easter dinner thing, and other life situations, and this call from her was the last thing I needed. Why is this a joke? What is so damn funny?
This may sound stupid, but I have prayed about this and it is keeping me up at night. I just do not know what to do. Breaking down is not an option.

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