Thursday, February 16, 2006

Didja see me? didja see me? Mommy didja see me? I was on the team

Have I mentioned that hockey is pretty much what happens in my house on a daily basis? If it is not in my house it is happening at a place where we are at. Last night was skate with the Amerks. Now to some people it is one of those ....well who really cares scenarios.... Well to my little guy it is the greatest thing in the world. They are the famous people. They are on TV, they have a jersey with numbers on it, they have real big hockey sticks, they can fight with only a two minute penalty.

Last night we had the priviledge of skating with the Amerks. I think that the world was about to tilt off it's axel. All 3 feet 6 inches of my son went out on the ice skating like a pro. He has had lessons for the past year and a half, so he was in his element. He recognizes all of the players by number not really name, but he does have a few choice ones he can recall. Now when the real players all come on the ice with the jerseys on he just about blows a gasket. Eyes so big and jaw dropping to the ice, this normal blabber mouth who typically can't sit still to save his life looses all ability to talk and move. He barley comes to their knees which is a picture in itself, and once the novelty wore off and he regained his skating legs and he was off. He still has not gained the ability to speak. So he does what he is comfortable doing. He goes whizzing past the players and crosses over in front just to say "hey you... number 16". That is it. He has lost all of the words that would normally come pouring out of his mouth. This was the equivalent of going to Disney for most children. All of the pictures we took and all of the skating that he did with the players was summed up in one statement "mommy mommy mommy I am part of the team".

In the car ride all...the....way.....home...... the babbling child has found all of those missing words to say everything he wanted to say. He would not stop. It all began with "didja see me ...didja see me mommy.... I was on the team"

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La Dolce Vita said...

That is SO cute!