Monday, February 13, 2006

Not dead yet........
Just felt like it for a few days.

So I have been out of touch for the past few days, I have been overcome with the icktamicktafrictis (thanks snarkalupagus for the term). That is when you feel like crap and you swear it is the flu, but it is not. So here is the weekly round up.

As I was celebrating the new snow that has come (FINALLY!!!) I come down with the ickta. So on Tuesday last week I call in to the ole' paycheck house and say I am staying home. I drive my son to school. It is really cold and windy and I mean really cold and windy. As I am driving back home from taking the cutest little boy to school at 8:45 I come to a lady whom I passed while driving to school. She is in a really nice purple coat with a purse and what appears to be a work bag walking over a railroad overpass. Quick judgment call and the lady is alone with no chance of dismembering my body. I turn my car around drive back over the bridge and realize that I can not get to her on the opposite side of the bridge so I turn the car around again and stop on the bridge when I get to her. This is a two lane bridge and I am holding up traffic. I say to her very nicely " please get in. It is very cold and I can take you where you need to go." She understandably hesitates. I am not a freakish looking nut who would hurt her. I am in my little sedan with car seat a various toys tossed in the back seat. She gets in. I tell her my first name and ask her where to. She is walking to work. Her daughter has her car, and she can't get a hold of her. The purple coat lady works at the mall. She needs to get there by 10:00. I am not one for time management clearly by a previous post, but I am thinking that she is a heck of a lot further away than the hour she has left to get there. She proceeds to thank me as the tears stream down her face. I say no problem then think weather or not I am going to get ambushed at the mall by some lunatic while also drawing on my compassion because it is way too cold to walk that far. We ride in complete silence for the 20 minutes that it takes because the snow is pretty heavy with the morning traffic. I drop her off at work. All of my members are attached and I proceed to go home. Now here comes the balance of the illness. I am so tired all day I sleep.

On to Wednesday. Same deal with the illness, only no taking the boy to school he is at the 'rents house. I do not leave the house. I do not go to work. I do not like green eggs and ham. I stepped in to the office over the next two days for a total of 9 hours and that was that.

I did enjoy the opening ceremonies from the Olympics and watched quite a bit of it this weekend. I do enjoy watching those kids. Loved the ladies hockey not just because two of the girls are from my area, but I love hockey. Go team USA. Men's hockey begins Wednesday. Go team USA.

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