Friday, February 03, 2006

A day with out rain.........

I would love the winter to be just that. Winter. I love the snow. I like the squeaky noise that the snow makes when it seems like it can't get any colder. I like the white (sometimes yellow) snow on the ground. I love snow pants, hats, mittens, coats, and screaming kids having the time of their lives on a sled. I love snowball fights and yes I love shoveling snow. Some may call it a mental illness. For those of us in parts of the Northeast, there has not been too many snow filled days here, and frankly I miss it. In my mind I see the snow as far as the eye can see and the wind blowing ever so lightly that there is a hint of mist in the air. When I was a kid (yup, quite a long time ago) there was so much snow. It lasted for weeks upon weeks that it made you really appreciate the spring. In all the black & whites the snow was literally 10 feet high. Then again I was about 3 feet high so who knows how high it really was, anyways I loved those days and I miss them. I want my son to experience the snow freshly fallen on the ground while he has a chance to enjoy it.

It ought to be snow filled days and the lakes ought to be frozen over. I know there still is time for that, and I hope that the season is not lost to the rain. After all my pansies are starting to bud.

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