Thursday, February 23, 2006

What was I thinking
I didn't have a birthday card!

At the ole' hockey barn last night there was a big production for the mascots birthday. There were mascots from all over the county. It actually was quite impressive. Well Bud goes up to The Moose as it was his birthday and said "Happy Birthday Moose" gives him a hug and a high five. He then looks at me and says "where is his birthday card mommy?". A bit flabbergasted I stammered a bit and said "umm what are you talking about?". Moose takes his hands and gives ME the body language for "Where is it". My thought to this ball of fur is Stupid ass what are you looking at me like that for. Do I look like the card fairy? Bud says "Didn't you get him a card? It's bad manners not to give a birthday card." Now, this comes from my telling him last weekend that we had to buy a birthday card for his friend at school who was having a party that he went to. So this darn Moose is looking at me with his hands over his eyes shaking his head like he is crying. My thought is OH PUHLEEZE! Bud playing off of this says "Mommy he gave us ice cream what are we going to do?" Well I am clearly taken aback by this entire thing, so I say "well you will have to make him a picture and give it to him on Friday". This seemed to please all concerned and Bud gives him one more hug and makes his merry way to all of the other mascots. I have decided that when I explain something to my son he stores it in his brain to repeat to me at the most in-opportune time. My grandma used to say "Children should be seen and not heard" I think that applied last night. But then again my internal recording of Bud, keep your hands to yourself.....Bud, keep your hands to yourself just about made me crazy after the 50th time. Since he was seen and not heard for that.

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La Dolce Vita said...

OH! too funny! I might have been tempted to grab the Moose by the antlers and knee him in the face. What an ASS!

But seriously, it's good that Bud is listening and learning....that has to be somewhat gratifying.