Thursday, February 02, 2006

Being four years old
I just realized that the world of a 4 year old can come crashing down if a nap is too long. I have the most precious son (don't all parents), who typically will not take a nap, but depending on the situation he will take a snoozer. It just so happened that the end of this snoozer was in competition with his skating lesson. So the art of "Hurry up, get your coat on, and get out the door" just makes matters worse for all. So tell me there anything wrong with being late? I mean come on people get a grip. A child who is 4 is not perfect. Hello.... look at me.
Anyways.....This rush rush attitude sent him flying in to a tizzy (is that a real word?) End result no lesson and sad kid. So lets all take a deep breath and tell ourselves that being late is OK. It is not the end of the world to a 4 year old.

Some good news. Polio has been eradicated in Egypt and Niger. That makes me happy!

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La Dolce Vita said...

TOO Funny!
Yes, having toddlers has DEFINATELY reformed me from being Miss ALWAYS Running a Little Late to being Mrs Always Start a Little Early (because then you MIGHT be on time). You just can't hurry a preschooler, so don't even try. Anyone who doesn't understand if you're a little late, OBVIOUSLY never had kids! :)