Friday, February 17, 2006

We're not in Kansas anymore!

Ahh nope, we are in the next windiest place in the world right now. Have you seen my shingles? They are black and about 1 1/2 feet in length and I bet they are blowing around your neighborhood as we speak. They certainly are not on my roof that is for sure. When I woke up to the wind howling at O'dark thirty and no power there was not much else to do, but look out in the dark at the nothingness. Through the clouds the moon was quite bright, but it was still dark out if you catch my drift. It seems that through this wind thing going on my shingles had decided that they were not content being on my roof. Well la de da da. (Husband just called more are flying to coop) I (the hubs & I) know nada about roofing and we are not too fond of heights. So If there ever were a superman for the homeowner I would need him now. Well I suppose a roofer would do for a temp. fix on the homestead until I get the insurance thing going. I did call the insurance guy who was VERY nice. Seemed concerned that we had runaway shingles. Not very helpful in TX, but nice nonetheless. He did ask the most obvious question. Well if you have no power or phone where are you calling from. Well bright guy. It's called a cell. I may not have shingles, but at least my elevator goes to the top. I would say that the lights are on and someone is home, but as you just read there are no lights.

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