Monday, February 06, 2006

Snow is here!!!!

I suppose that is a sign of be careful of what you wish for. The snow is flying and has been for the past day and a half. The wind is a bit stronger that I like, but I won't complain too much. In reality this makes me happy, except for the fact that I did not wear boots today. What was I thinking or rather not thinking (obviously fashion not function).

I am not a typical go out and party gal. Reading between the lines it means I never go anywhere I am a home body. I did however make it to a small gig this weekend and saw a great band called The X's (see them at If they make it to your neck of the woods you have to see them. In my opinion it is money well spent. I would like to plan a road trip to see them again, but money and time are a factor. I listen to a WIDE range of music, and in my younger days I was a music junkie. Now....not so much.

I did watch the Super Bowl and the commercials. I was hoping that the Seahawks would have won, not for any reason other that they were the underdogs. Now, on to the half-time show. Growing up I was never able to understand the lyrics to a majority of the Rolling Stones songs. That is not a bad thing, it is just the way it was. Now that they are older and the censors got to them I could understand every word of Start me up. The song did not have the same meaning or the same vibe as if I did not understand all of the words. Very disappointing to me the listener. The Stones are a great band and the censors did them wrong.

I will now bid thee a fond farewell and hope that I remember the boots tomorrow.

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La Dolce Vita said...

Hey Snow Girl!
I logged on specifically to comments on the newly falling snow and to check your happiness barometer. Glad to see it's alive and well........I too saw the Super Bowl, including commercials and half time's actually a shock considering that I didn't even know who was playing until the hubs filled me in. Does Mick Jagger look tinier than he did when we were younger? He seemed so tiny to me...

Anyway.....going to check out The X's before the boys wake up...that also being the name of a very popular cartoon around these parts.

xo jh