Friday, February 24, 2006

I feel the need to point out the obvious.
Here are the topics

Olympics - Go ahead walk in with that big chip on your shoulder, can do no wrong, I am the greatest person attitude. You will not get all the gold you want. Just ask Sasha, Chad, Shani and that major ego flop chick from the extreme snowboarding. You are representing your country.

Work- If you have a lot of work to do just do it. One project at a time. It is not that hard, stop complaining to everyone in the world about how much work you have and get busy.

Shopping - Don't sell items as 10 for $10. I do not have that much space to store items. I would like to buy one or two items at a deal. Should I have the space for 10 things I will buy it then.

Thank you notes - Send them. If you receive a gift by all means send a note of thanks. How hard is it?? That falls in line with manners saying please, thank you, bless you and your welcome.

I believe that is all for now. I am sure to have some great stories over the weekend, after all we are delivering a birthday card to a moose AND still have missing shingles on the roof. Heeeey I just re-read that could that qualify me as a Dr. Seuess wanna be?

Much love to the friends & family!

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