Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Awful Awful Awful

The whole issue with the Amish girls in the school house is very disturbing to me. Any form of violence to others is very disturbing, but this is more bothersome. These girls would have contributed to society in a simple way. They would have assisted families in the agriculture sector and would be mommies some day. They will raise honest, hard working and god fearing children.
So tell me, what is the matter with people? Why would someone hurt such a person.


While I'm at it.....why would anyone hurt children. Verbally. The big fat piece of horse patoot in FL is another one. Sending messages to kids working as pages. Until you are 18 you are a kid. I do not care how mature your parents say you are, or how far away from your parents you live. Until you are 18 you are a kid. Adults should know better and if you act on inappropriate behavior you deserve to be punished. Especially where children are concerned.
I do not care what your role in society is. All the more shame on you. Hiding in rehab is no excuse.

enjoy life

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La Dolce Vita said...

I feel the same about the shootings. I cried and I cry whenever I read more about it. Part of what makes me SO sad is that I know the media is going to make the lives of those good people even more miserable. I grieve for them and their families.

Oh, and Hastert...jackass. Obviously, I am not Amish, I am appauled and annoyed and outraged, but will restrain from jumping on a political soapbox on your blog, mostly because I know you agree.