Thursday, October 12, 2006

What the.....

For the past couple of months I have had this issue where I can not sleep. I am tired at 6 or 7pm then when 9:30 comes around I am UP. Wide freakin' awake. The worst part is that I am up until 2am where I then proceed to get 5 hours of sleep. Only to get up and take my sorry ass to work by 8:30. I have yet to figure out how to curb this. If I go to bed I toss and turn so much that the hubs gets annoyed. Taking sleeping pills is out of the question. So I will just deal. It will end soon right?


The boots you see here are what I call my hooker boots. I know the whole heel thing is off, but that doesn't matter. I have them on today with this little flowy black skirt, and everyone in the office thinks I look cute. I am thirty something and I am still being called cute. I guess I am old enough to get ma'amed and young enough to be cute! Works for me. I think.

enjoy life

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snarkalupagus said...

1) You ARE cute, miss thirtysomething! The "ma'am" thing is a little demoralizing, but one "cute" neutralizes twenty-five "ma'ams," according to Snarx Math. Nice boots!!

2) Don't eat or drink anything after 6 (or try working at Kohl's four nights a week, which works wonders for me). Try a Tylenol PM once or twice, if you can, just to get back in the habit of sleeping through the night.