Monday, October 30, 2006


The craziness is over. Saturday was a blur. So much that I fell asleep watching Napoleon Dynamite Saturday at 9:30. I had to watch it again. It was freakin' hilarious. Hubs did not care for it. It is one of those when you watch it the first time you go.... huh? Then the second time you are laughing your ass off.
I did see Laura Bush and she is just lovely!
Cheetah Girls, well all I can say is 8,000 pre-teen girls screaming Cheetah*licious is a cruel form of punishment.
Bud is so excited for Halloween. I am going to take the afternoon off so that I can take Bud to his school Halloween party. He has already missed the trick-o-treat at school, and I do not want him to miss the party. Then we will go trick-o-treating after dinner. I am trying to decide if we are going to go to the senior center or to the neighborhood. I am sure that the seniors would appreciate him, but it is driving that I am deciding on. That would leave the hubs at home.

enjoy life

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