Wednesday, October 11, 2006

DB has left the building :-(

It is a sad sad sad day!

For those who really know me, know who I mean. I have a smart friend and I mean really smart friend (he used to be a co-worker & friend) now he is just a friend. He is smart in the context that he writes this:
"......He stands, as those few others, a looming presence in my life, offering the possibilities of what could be accomplished to afford the noncompliant environmental solace. He confirmed for me, that genius, like CO2, has a smell that takes your breath, and allows an average man to do spectacular things."
This is his piece of brilliance. He is leaving and I am going to miss him. We do not hang out, nor do we make visits to see each other, but he is a great person nonetheless. He has joined the ranks of Snarky & LaDolce. Me ever loving co-workers who have moved to a better place while I sit here. Afraid to go, or complacent in my life, you decide.
I have expanded my circle of on-line friends and I can not keep in touch with them all, so I had to do some updating here as well. You will find that anyone can post. While this may be a temp thing, for now I want to see how it goes.

enjoy life


snarkalupagus said...

YAAAAY!! I can finally make comments!!!! SO HAPPY!!! And so sad that you're sad. I can't figure out from the initials who's leaving/who left unless it's Mr. Daniel B.?? Big hug to'll get out of there when the right thing comes along--I know it.

mommyrox said...

Why yes snarkalupagus it is the one and only.