Friday, October 13, 2006


So there was this guy who shot up a school house full of children. The families of all of these children agreed to raze the school house and leave a "pasture" there. All of this was done with out a bunch of overpaid jackasses called politicians and wanna be politicians. It was done in a weeks time and at night. The survivors of these children were not looking to place blame, but to move on and in their hearts remember.

Then there was this building where a lot of people died quite a while ago and nothing has been done to the space because everyone is arguing about what should be done with the space. Instead of having a simple park with benches to go and enjoy. There is this issue where tons of dollars are being spent on what is going to be done. Should it be an oversized memorial, should it be a new building, should it be nothing. There are also politicians making a boat load of money off of this.

The difference in my mind is the politicians. They are elected bodies and are afraid to loose a re-election and therefore will not make a decision.

enjoy life (the simple life)

editors note: I just read an article by the spokesperson on the series of events in PA and this sums it up perfectly ......"We just did what we think we need to do as people of faith. Our actions are more important than our words."

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