Friday, October 27, 2006

What a rip!

I love my Thursday night TV line up. I love Grey's Anatomy. When it says there is a double episode I am excited to see it, knowing that the first episode will be a re-run, but to be robbed out of the second episode is just wrong! Back to back episodes of re-runs. Come on people. Showing the season premier AND the second episode. It is a rip off to die hard GA watchers. Thanks ABC for ruining my Thursday night lineup. Jerkies!

On a crazier note:

Guess what I am doing this Saturday (all before 4:00pm)? Come on guess? Betch'a can't in a million years guess.

First, I am going to the public market. (I am pretty sure that you woulda guessed that)
Second, I am going to see The First Lady Laura Bush! Her hubby may be a dope, but SHE is different. (didn't see that comming did ya?)
Third, I have buds skating lesson.
Fourth, I am working the Cheetah Girls concert.

Now 1 & 3 you might have guessed, but 2&4 completely off of my standard radar.

Once again overloaded, but I have Sunday to recover. That and Saturday night. Since Cheetah Girls will be over by 4:15.

enjoy life

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