Monday, October 30, 2006

Bye Bye Bear Bear!

Bud has informed me today that since he is almost 5 that he does not need Bear Bear any more. Bear Bear is his blankie bear similar to the picture. When I asked who said that he proudly exclaimed "I did!"

So Bear Bear thank you for the many nights of comfort to Bud and for the one night I drove 20 miles in the rain to deliver you to him at his sleep over so that he could sleep.

As the blood pools from the dagger that feels like it is piercing my heart I will bid you a fond farewell, and a whole hearted thank you.

Bud is growing up. (tears rolling down the cheek)

enjoy life


tbtine said...

I'd hold onto Bear Bear for him. He might want it again.

I'm 36 and I still have my bear-and he's helped me through many a rough spot.

mommyrox said...

I did not think of that. Thanks for the tip.

I was just going to shove him in the box and in 30 years Bud would come across it.