Monday, October 09, 2006

Public market

I have never been to a public market. I have been to farmers markets, but not to a public market. Apparently the city 20 minutes from my town has a HUGE public market. I was told by a co-worker, and I went. Holy freggin' cow! It was amazing! The prices and variety of items is amazing. I bought things I did not intend to buy, but I did buy these snack cakes that look like hockey pucks for Bud. He called them hockey puck goodness. I guess that means that he likes them. I also got him these amish snickerdoodles. He loved those as well. I also picked up 2 mega packs of socks for $7. Since it is so far away it is not something that I can do all of the time, but I think that we will have to make another trip to get our apples for making applesauce. We need to get a bushel. Last year we did not get enough and ran out of applesauce. The only things we make from scratch are strawberry jam and applesauce. Yummmm! So I am a quest to get apples next week. Then I will have to wait on for the next trip. What a find. Have I mentioned that it is simply amazing!

enjoy life

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