Monday, August 07, 2006

Good Food Karma

Today must be my lucky day for food.
I came in to the office and a co-worker whom I have given some of bud's newborn clothes that are too small offered to take me out to lunch. I said sure. He is just a nice guy. The co-worker that is. Then upon return from lunch there are these delicious cupcakes sitting in the break room for all.
Then at 3pm one of the guys that is in my cube farm got an extra coffee by mistake and offered it to me. It is just the way I like it, and I needed a coffee too. Yummm! All of this to me is good food karma.

Took the kids to the carnival this weekend and had a blast! I actually rode a ride with the kids. Bud and Sarah were having a blast and I was a bit of a nervous nelly about it. It has been years since I rode any ride, and this was a good way to get re-acquainted with it. I forgot how much I enjoy it. They wanted to go again and we did not have enough time. That is ok though we will go to another carnival in a couple weeks. Then that is it summer will officially be gone. Where does the time go.

enjoy life!

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