Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Office Software & Hockey you decide

We have a software in our office called timberfuck. It kicks me out almost daily and if I am lucky twice a day. Today instead of having the luxury of being kicked out, it is shut down. So here I am. My position in this company does not allow me to do anything but work in the various programs with in this piece of shi$ software.

So the decision has been made and we are enrolling Bud in the Pony league to play hockey. Bud has no idea yet, as we have not told him. This will involve reaching deep in to the pockets and forking up almost $400 for the time. Thank goodness Papa and Mama (my parents) are going to foot the bill for equipment. It won't be too bad since he already has the skates & helmet. It runs from October to March 2 days a week of 1 hour ice time. Now one might say why would you pay that much for a child to play hockey. Well here are the reasons.

  1. The first time he rolled over the hockey highlights were on ESPN and he was watching it when I went to check on him.
  2. For Christmas when he turned 2 he was given a hockey stick from Santa and since then he has had one in his possession all the time.
  3. He learned to skate from the recreation program that is offered for the town and has been going every Wednesday since he was allowed on the public rink.
  4. All summer he has been on his roller blades playing hockey in the driveway
  5. When he won my office NCAA pool he wanted a hockey helmet. Not toys, or McDonald's, but a hockey helmet. So he got one. (Note: The pictures below are pre-helmet purchase)

Need I say more. Look how much fun he is having.

enjoy life

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