Wednesday, August 23, 2006

July 13 Part V

Here we go!
On Monday I go to work. What the hell was I thinking????? I get a call from my hubs sister and she has told me that slut is calling the lawyer stating there is a will making all kinds of a fuss. We are planning to meet the funeral director at 3:00 so my plan of working a half day goes down the tube. I go home. Make more phone calls and more phone calls and more freakin phone calls. Then we meet for lunch to make sure that FIL is eating. Slut is late as usual and on the phone with her friends. Only cries when others are around to gain sympathy. We go to the funeral home and talk about the details and how the obit should read. Slut provides a piece of paper written the way she wants to be in the paper and the funeral director says no! She also tries to make changes to the date and time that we have already decided on. Every so offen the room would get quiet and we would look at her like she was an idiot. Once Thursday was firm we made the arrangements with the church and the reception after the service. I was in charge of all of it to make sure that it went smoothly. I did a lot of cooking and salad making. It was ok. Slut did everything to try to ruin it. She moved the special flower that FIL put near the picture at the alter for the service, she took a bunch of the flowers from the service and wanted to take them to a nursing home. When FIL said he wanted the ones he picked for his wife that said "Wife" she said no, I paid for them. They go to the nursing home. Just little things like that made us hate her. The last straw was when she stole items from the house and demanded that all of the SMIL rings and pearls go to her. Umm NO! She crammed her suitcases full of stuff that she could smuggle out and went back to Florida. Thank god! Karma hit her though. Her luggage was lost and the had the runs the entire flight.
If I ever see her again it will be too soon. Would you believe there is still no will! She was so insistent that there was. Lesson learned. Get a will, health care proxy and make all of your funeral wishes known.

I have had 6 deaths in my life since July 4th. I think that I have hit my quota!

I can now enjoy life. Albeit a bit sadder now, but I am going to enjoy life.

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