Monday, August 28, 2006

Big Sissy!

I have decided that in my not so old age that I have become a big sissy!
Hubs, Bud & I went to the Carnival at the local church. It is an annual event that always draws a huge crowd. They have rides for kids & adults, carnival games and food. Well we set a limit on the rides for Bud and he wants to ride the paratooper. It is a big umbrella like ride that you sit in and it goes forwards and backwards. Since the hubs hates heights that leaves me to go. Now back in my day I would ride every ride in the park. I would go upsidedown and backwards. Never bothered me. So here I am sitting next to Bud and we are on the ride. He is rocking the seat back and forth and I am FREAKING out. I said to him hey Bud don't do that. He could care less. He keeps on rocking. Me on the other hand I am as pale as a ghost. I want to get off. Then we start to go backwards. Bud looks at me after we get off and he says want to go again? I said no. He says big sissy. Where in the heck does that come from.
No matter it is true I am a big sissy.
enjoy life

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