Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Confessions of a 4 year old

So the pint sized monster that is living in my house is becoming "that kid". You know the one that when he walks in the room no matter how funny he can be he is already perceived as the naughty one. Yup that's my kid.
Preschool is two days a week.
For the last 2 1/2 weeks we have been told by the teachers that he is having thumbs down days. In complete frustration of taking away certain toys and no dessert I finally sat him down and asked what is happening at school to make a thumbs down day.
I promised that I would not be mad no matter what he told me. Would you believe that worked?
He proceeds to tell me ALL of the things that he does at pre-k that are "naughty" and even what the teachers do not see him do.
He has become (gulp) the kid that I tell my kid to stay away from. I have become that kids mom. The one I never wanted to become. I wanted to be the cool mom. Looks like that is not going to happen.
So what is a supermom to do???
Tail between my legs, I called the school to schedule a parent teacher conference.
Stay tuned for part II

side note:
AMERKS season schedule comes out today at 4:00. woo hoo woo hoo hoo.

enjoy life

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La Dolce Vita said...

Oh boy! OUR little Bud? NO way! It was probably a HUGE relief to him to tell you all that stuff.

But what to do, what to do? Does he have a role model, someone he wants to emulate (perhaps hockey related) that you can point to as an example? Would "Famous Hockey Guy" do this or that?....Sorry, I am SO sorely lacking in my hockey knowledge, I literally cannot think of a single hockey player's name...but you know what I mean....let me know what sure I'll be barking up that tree next year!

love you!