Tuesday, August 22, 2006

July 13 Part III

Another couple of days of my father in law and the PA trying to help care for the step mother in law and on August 6 she falls to the ground and just the FIL is there. He calls his son who has a fantastic nurse wife and they get her up and go straight to the car. While she is sitting in the car the nurse calls the PA and says she is in the car and we are coming to you. So off they go to the non-surgical hospital. Once she gets there she is placed in to ICU. Her leg is infected and there is a spot on her incision that is going to rupture and she could bleed to death. They dope her up on meds and keep her stable. That is all they can do. The doctors have a request to get her to Strong Memorial Hospital where she needs critical care, and they are waiting for a bed there for her. On August 11 the spot ruptures and she has a surgical Dr. stop the bleed and rush her to Strong. Once there after the initial run through of the charts and the doctors rounds they call at 5:00 am and tell us that they need to amputate just below the knee. The infection was that bad. So she goes under the knife not knowing what is happening. Once they get out of the surgery they have informed us that the entire leg was amputated and that the infection was really bad. She is in Surgical intensive care with a nurse 24/7. She passes away on 8/13 one month to the day of the original routine procedure at 2:22 am. I get the call from the hospital. Yes, I got that call, which leaves me to call all of the family members and relay the news. The Hubs, his dad, his sister and his brother all rush to the hospital. Hubs gets there first and says a prayer with her and waits for the rest of the family.

Part IV later

enjoy life

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