Monday, August 21, 2006

It started July 13 Part I

On July 13 in the early morning my husbands step mother (or my step-mother-in-law) asked me to send emails to her friends and family to keep them updated on the progress of a routine surgery scheduled for July 13. They needed to do some work on an either an artery or vein in her leg. I did this. It was a favor and was only going to last a few days. Well, we went to see her in the hospital after the surgery on July 15. She had a violent episode due to being on prozac (about 1 month prior to surgery) and vicodin for the pain of the surgery. Because of this security had be outside her room 24/7. No staff was allowed in her room by themselves. If her blood pressure was to be taken the staff had to use a manual cuff not the automatic one. She got violent when the automatic was used (the lazy staff never looked at her chart to check this out). Despite her not feeling well and the episodes of violence, she was discharged from the hospital on July 18. Clearly a difficult patient, but due the special mixture of meds.
My father in law called constantly to get follow up care since SMIL was discharged with out it. Eventually she was assigned a physicians assistant out of another non-surgical hospital. No one bothered to see what was making her a difficult patient, they just thought she was a mean person.

Part II next time.....

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