Tuesday, August 22, 2006

July 13 Part IV

So here I am at 2:30 calling all of the SMIL's family members who live out of the state to let them now what has happened. Once I make those calls Bud wakes up with dreams of monsters. It was creepy! At this time I was contemplating when and how to tell Bud that his gramma whom he say just a couple of weeks ago has passed. I wait. I do nothing. I sit and then contemplate weather or not we should take our scheduled day trip to the local amusement park. I decide to go, and not tell Bud so will have a good time. Honestly, as I look back that part of the day was a blur. I decide that I need to leave Bud at my parents house after the trip so that I can take care of business with the hubs family. What I find out is that the sister to SMIL is on her way and wil be arriving sometime in the late afternoon. Now the family is at the house cleaning and throwing away all sorts of garbage so that the house will be prepared for the company that is about to arrive in the next few days. Now here is a very vital part. She had no will. She was married to FIL for 19 years (not days or months, but years) and they had been together for 26 years. This is important for later. At 4pm I meet the deceased sister at a gas station. I'll call slut for the benefit of FIL. I have her follow me to FIL's house and she is all weepy. When we arrive the house looks to be in pretty good shape. Now slut takes it upon herself to go through the house as if SMIL was single and lived alone. FIL was pissed and right away knew where this was going. So here we are at 5pm on Sunday looking for a will or any sort of important documentation. There was none, but slut insisted that she had one at her house in FL from 1977. That was a lie. Then we all sit down and get to talking about the service. Slut wants it on Friday. FIL's kids say Thursday since Wednesday would have been SMIL's 64th birthday, and why drag it out. End result it was agreed SMIL was to be cremated and buried on Thurs 8/17. I make the call to the funeral home and get all of the arrangements started. First meeting is Monday with the funeral director. I also contact the church and make all of the arrangements for the reception after the service. FIL also asked me to give a eulogy. As if my plate is not full enough. Hub's sister takes on all of the finances (big mess).

Part V tomorrow (please bear with me, this is very therapeutic for me)
enjoy life

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