Thursday, August 03, 2006

Where do bridges come from?

Finally a break in the weather. It has cooled down. There is no longer the scorching 100 plus humidity!
Here is a statement I am throwing out there. In my world death happens in 3's. I have been informed that two of my friends have had their grandmothers pass. One on Saturday and one on Monday. I am sorry for the loss, but I do not want to know who is next! I am tired of death this year. There have been too many already.
Now the pleasure of realization. While taking Bud to my parents house he was talking about bridges. I think that is what was on his mind at the time. We talked about what bridges do, what the opposite of bridges are (tunnels??), what kinds of bridges there are(ones that go up and ones that do nothing). Keeping in mind once again this is a 4 year old. I never realized how many bridges we go over to get to my parents until he informed me of every single one.
So as we are talking he is learning things and is very excited about it. I could actually see and feel his energy from learning these things. I am not the bad parent!

I am still waiting on an update from the director at the school from yesterday.

enjoy life

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