Thursday, August 10, 2006

Wet and Wild Wednesday

I had to use a vacation day yesterday since my steady Wednesday sitter (my dad) has to go and work at his retirement gig at the ball park. There was an afternoon game and those pesky press box guys needed him there. So I say hey Bud it's going to be the best Bud and mommy day. Let's go someplace. I pack up the family funster and off we go to the waterpark. The sun was deceiving. It was a cool day, but that sun was hotter than a mother. I now have sun burn like nobody's business. Bud, on the other hand has a little pink around the face, but that is all.
We did have an awesome time. We were there from 11-4. That was long enough for him, and to be honest long enough for me. So back to this hot thing. I have decided that when you go to a place like that no matter how much sunblock you have it is never enough. My lips are even a little krispy. In reality none of that matters since we had such a great day. Surprisingly we did not even get over charged on the food bit. I spent few dollars, and had a lot of fun. If you get the chance to go I would recommend
There are things that I would recommend for the select few. If a bikini comes in your size, but you have that little extra summin' summin' around your mid section DO NOT BUY! It is offensive to those all around you. Most moms got the knack of what is reasonable. To the ladies who are childless special note. This is a kids park in the middle of the week, you are not going to meet your future husband here unless he is the janitor and that is what you have set your goal on. For the teenage girls, standing in front of the cute lifeguard will not get his attention. You are annoying him to the extent that he has asked you to move so he can do his job. Then when he goes on break he is not allowed to "socialize" with the patrons that is the rule. You should read them when you walk in. It is clearly stated on the board.
Kids for the most part are well behaved to my extreme pleasure. It is a happy place for all.
I suppose I really needed that on a Wednesday!

enjoy life.

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La Dolce Vita said...

MAN, we gotta get down there before summer is over. I think, hope, that guys will like it....fingers crossed. Do I have to wear a bathing suit? Damn!

Do you wanna have lunch w/me and the guys next week? And by that, you know that I mean do you want to eat your lunch while listening to:
a) Cooper regail you with thrilling tails of Thomas
b) Gage identify all body parts and/or regail you with thrilling tails of Thomas (Pud on da bakes! Id too yate!)
c) Me chasing after them and trying to get them to stay in the general vacinity of where we are attempting to eat lunch

I can't promise much conversation, but I can hope and I could at least lay eyes on you which is more than I've done in quite some time.

xo ldv