Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Are you the singee or singer?

I pulled a late night last night due to the afore mentioned software program, and as I was driving home I had a deep thought. Are you ready for this? When you were a kid listening to the radio (sorry we did not have ipods) did you envision yourself at the person singing the song to someone? or someone singing the song to you? I must say I pondered this longer than necessary on my 10 minute commute home. I was the one who envisioned myself singing this to someone, where as a guy that I had an un-recipical mad crush on (in 8th grade) envisioned that someone singing it to him. What was amazing is that I put a lot of thought in to this. I never ever thought about it before. I had just thought everyone thought the same way about certain songs the way I did.

So that is my pondering thought and I needed to share.

signed the singer

enjoy life

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