Friday, September 29, 2006

Kinda like herpes (but for a computer)

I took my computer to Mr. LDV for a check up. He basically said that it has a form of herpes. You know kinda like an illness that won't bother you, but also will not go away! The prescription after he gave it the initial dose of computer antibiotics was to keep an eye on it for flare ups and we should be ok. What a great guy!
Now let me fill you in on the cuteness of the LDV children. You walk in and they are both so happy to see you! Not shy or bashful, but genuinely happy to see you. The little round faces of cuteness are all smiles and cheer. My monster goes in to play for a bit. He loves the Thomas the Tank motif in the kids room. Now Mr. LDV says hey don't mind the mess to which I say ummm what mess? I see no mess. I see a house with pictures on the wall that tiny little hands made with love for the LDV family and friends to see. I see happy kids. I see a happy house. Oh yeah, I see Buddha and chica (can't miss them they are so happy to see people too). The cute little round dogs to match the cute little house, with the cute family.
Mrs. LDV has it good! A funny was when the little LDV says to my hubs .Papa Hi Papa. I thought that was hysterical. Only because Bud calls my dad Papa. I guess Hubs is getting old! hee hee hee.
So, by tonight all is going to be well. We will have our computer back and I got a dose of cuteness.
Thanks again Mr. & Mrs. LDV

enjoy life!!!

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La Dolce Vita said...

who's cute?! YOU guys are cute! You're "monster" is like the cutest thing on Earth! And as far as Paparox goes....tell your hubs to keep in mind that when you are 2 feet tall, any man with a bald head (be it shaved or naturally) is going to look pretty much the same....and Papa is DEFINATELY a term of endearment.

It was SO GREAT to see you guys!!! I'm sorry I had to run off to work. We should all try to get at some point...when? Why is life so busy?

xo xo