Friday, September 22, 2006

Bad mood Friday!

I can not believe that I did not see Grey's. I am so pissed. I asked the hubs to set the recorder for Grey's since I had a dinner to go to, and when we were walking in the door I noticed that it was 5 to ten. I said to the hubs oh, there is 5 minutes left. He looked at me and said no, it's been over with for an hour. I freaked and said ahhh ........NO! It is on from 8-10. He thought it was 8-9 since he did not listen to me when I said 8-10. This is a long standing sore spot when he listens to half of what I say. It happens most of the time. There are not a lot of shows that I really like, but this is one of them. Anyways, I missed it and I am annoyed. It all could have been avoided had he just listened to me. So today is bad mood Friday! Hopefully the weekend will be better!
enjoy life

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