Thursday, September 14, 2006

Damn that bug!

Take a good look at this bug. They move slower than a snail and they fly like any regular beetle does. They are called many things such as stink bug, assassin bug (beetle), grasshopper bug. Well these lovely things are infesting our office, and they make me nuts! We call the exterminator and he says sorry not much I can do, because they live in the vents and in the drains. Anywhere it is moist and some what warm. We have had this problem for almost 2 years, and each time I see one it makes me jump. I am not afraid of bugs, but these are quiet and it is like someone sneaking up on you. I go to reach for a paper on my desk and there one is. Just sitting there. I did not hear it buzz like a flying bug should, it just appeared. Damn those bugs. I think they got the name assassin from the freakin' heart attack that you get when they sneak up on you and your heart is beating 1000 times a minute to recover from the shock of seeing them.

enjoy life

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