Wednesday, September 27, 2006

May I see you in my office.

Talk about making your heart jump.....
I was walking down the hall at work and the HR director comes up to me and says "I need to see you right away" (as she walks in to the conference room) I ask if I should close the door and she says "yes". My heart drops to the pit of my stomach. She says "First I would like to apologize on behalf of the company for overlooking your step-mother-in-laws funeral." "I was under the impression that the receptionist had taken care of flowers for that and an behalf of the company I am sorry". side note our receptionist is a ding bat not for this, but because she really is. Anyways, I said that I did not think that the company did things like that for step-in-laws. I was not expecting anything. A card would have been nice, but again, not expected. She said that the company will be making a donation to the American Heart Society in her name (that was Connie's charity of choice) Someone did read the obit. She said that she had no idea that nothing was done until yesterday, and when she found out, took it to the CEO who said that a donation was necessary.
Sometimes people shock the heck out of me and I am not sure how to react. I am one of the people who really expect nothing from other people, and to be honest it lightens the load.

enjoy life!

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