Friday, September 15, 2006

Nooo not Dog!

This is Dog and dogs family.

He and his two sons Leland and Tim have been arrested. They really look like they should have been arrested by the fashion police instead of the real police.
Now I really have no idea why he has been arrested for kidnapping. My hubs loves to watch this show. Why, once again I have no idea. They are these way freakish bounty hunters from Hawaii who pray ("protect us Jesus as we go to get the bad guy") and say they are doing society a favor by "getting the bad guys off the streets". I cannot dispute this. I just think that they are so bizarre. I mean really, I understand tradition and heritage, but yikes people. If I were a criminal I would turn myself in before these folks were to come and get me. I would not run because I did not want to go to jail, I would run to get away from them.
lesson here... stay out of trouble unless you like this guy to touch you. eewww!
enjoy life!

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La Dolce Vita said...

okay so I don't even watch the show...I believe it better to avert one's eyes from such fashion attrocities, for fear that my resistance may become I had to google it and that whole incident is apparently from a few years ago when they bagged the Max Factor heir in Mexico when he was supposed to be on trial in Hawaii for raping 3 women....just so you know....ewww indeed.