Monday, September 18, 2006

Get it...good! Let's go!

  • H.E.C.C approved helmet w/ full face shield, chin strap & ear pieces.....check
  • colored Internal mouth guard.....check
  • neck guard....check
  • Shoulder pads....check...check (there is 2)
  • Elbow pads....check...check
  • gloves....check...check
  • Hockey pants....check
  • shin guards...check...check
  • hockey skates....check....check
  • cup w/ supporter...check (not a mommyrox thing)
  • ice hockey stick....check (side note wrapped accordingly)

This is how I spent my Saturday. Bud, Papa ad I went to the two area sports stores that sell hockey gear and we bought everything we needed. Even things we did not need. It is going to be great to see him out there in his glory. It was just so much fun seeing him get all dressed in it all. It did hit a stimulation overload at about 6pm Saturday evening. We packed up the hockey bag and he is so ready for his first game/practice. If it is not going to work I will know for sure this year. If it is something that he loves then this is the first step in a long ride.

This is what I learned. When one salesman says "oh yeah it is always a bit snug, if you just cut it here at the top it will come off easier" go to another store. When a child says "no mommy the blue ones fit better than the black ones" and they are the same size clearly fit has not even entered the mind. And lastly...... drum roll please.......when it comes to hockey Bud knows everything and I know nothing. So I have been told.

enjoy life!

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