Thursday, September 07, 2006

Just stuff

First, Out of curiosity I watched Miss Katie Couric on the CBS Evening News. I am not a fan by any means and I do not think I ever will be, but I am now even more put off by her tilting of the head when she talks to the camera. You know that look that your 3rd grade teacher gave you when she wanted to make sure you understood her. She did that by tilting her head to the side and repeating her question. I do it to Bud when I want to make sure he understands me. So when Miss Katie tilts her head and opens her flapper I get annoyed and have to change the channel. So back I go to ABC World News Tonight.

Next, I have been a bad friend to Pearlie. You see Pearlie used to work at the hockey arena as a hot dog cook. She was a retired school bus driver for the inner city. She loved Bud. She would give Bud little trinkets when he was at the game. This past February she go in to a car accident and really never recovered fully. She has moved to Texas to be with her daughter and I have been slacking on writing her letters. Well to be honest I have not written any! When she got in to her accident Bud sent her a cookie basket and we sent her letters, but since she has sent me 7 or 8 letters and I have sent none. My grandma would be so disappointed in me. Well last night I sat and wrote her a 3 page letter. I hope that helps in making up for the fact that I have not written all summer. I think that she is a great lady, and I wish her all the best. I will miss her this year as she has been a fixture at the arena for the past few years.

Next, It was a full moon which would provide some sort of explanation about the leg thing the other night.

Next, Football starts tonight. NY Jets lets go!

lastly, enjoy life

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